We provide a comprehensive set of services that can be selectively adapted to address your specific design objectives.


Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Analysis

Whether modifying an aircraft, streamlining a car or developing high-performance sports equipment, aerodynamics is key to making your product faster, lighter, and more competitive on the market. We provide CFD expertise and a sophisticated analysis toolset to enable you to rapidly characterize and optimize your system.

Our analysis toolkit is designed for efficiency and ease of use. Not only does it include a full range of high-fidelity aerodynamics models; it intelligently selects the model that will best meet your design requirements and conserve computational memory and time. This toolkit can help you analyze your system quickly, whether you are in need of a crude loads estimate or a high-accuracy turbulence model.


Training Resources

Our business was founded at the intersection of engineering and entrepreneurship; we recognize that a rigorously designed product must be paired with effective promotional strategies to disrupt today’s market. We have developed a training series to empower your team to apply advanced analysis and marketing techniques to improve and promote your product:

Engineering Toolbox Series: We know that applying aerodynamic analysis to your product can be daunting; we want to train your team to understand the situational appropriateness of various aerodynamic models, so that you can most efficiently apply these models to optimizing your current and future projects.

This training series can be customized to meet your team’s specific needs; if taken consecutively, these courses will step you through the process of applying numerical modeling techniques to optimizing your product.  They will introduce your team to the basics of aerodynamics, CFD and other foundational data processing techniques. They will familiarize you with the computational tools needed to apply these techniques to your product. Along the way, we will teach you to generate programs and scripts that will give you full flexibility with utilizing open source software. Our current course offerings are as follows:

  • Aerodynamics 101
  • CFD 101
  • Data Analysis
  • Optimization
  • Programming/Scripting

Entre-neering Series: Grounding your business in strong technical skills is essential; however, layering these skills with marketing and promotional awareness is key to helping your business take off. We offer a series of courses to help your team take your engineering idea to market:

  • Idea to Market
  • Career Development
  • More to come…

Coffee Table: This will be a free resource location that will contain useful content for engineers.  Everything from interesting articles to free online training content. Click here.



Our pricing scheme is solution-based. You will find that many design analysis groups will charge you per CFD run or design iteration; however, we have found this approach to be inefficient for both you and us. Instead, we will charge you for a successfully delivered solution. This means we will work with you from the start to clearly identify your project objectives and to determine a reasonable flat rate.